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Posted on July 26th, 2013 by

Causes of Migraines: TMJ

Causes of Migraines: TMJ

Over the years medical research has led us to believe that migraines can be caused by various different factors. Unbelievable but true, migraines have also been linked to dental problems that one may be having. In fact, headaches have been directly linked to dental issues.

Probable Causes of Migraines

Dentists today feel that Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJ, may be the potential cause of migraines. As TMJ is a condition of the jaw, and affects the easy movement of the muscles and the jaw bone, it could typically put pressure on and cause, a migraine. Physically the jaw is connected to the temporal bone in the skull. It therefore has a direct link, enough to get a migraine attack. TMJ leads to a lot of tension and stress in the adjoining areas. The entire facial muscles and the area seem to be blocked and almost feel like being tied up. In addition to that, more often than not, one suffering from TMJ often clenches and grinds teeth, which also puts pressure on the jawline.

Symptoms You May Notice Along with Your Migraine

So if you have been having these problems, you may need to connect with your dentist, instead of popping over the counter pain medications for relief. For all you know the migraines may be directly attributed to TMJ problems and the symptoms are close to these:

  • Aches and pains in and around the face, neck, shoulders, ears and eyes
  • Clicking or popping sounds while eating, talking or chewing
  • Problem chewing and swallowing, while trying to eat meats and tough food
  • Sudden pain the jaw area
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth in the mornings

Treatments for TMJ to Help Relieve Migraines

With that said, this is problem which is certainly curable. One does not have to live with these severe headaches as also the TMJ associated problems. Dentists can suggest different facial exercises or mouth guards to protect you from grinding and clenching your teeth. To an extent, they help relieve tension, stress, and reduces the chance and causes of migraines.

Kyle Huish

Kyle Huish

Dr. Kyle Huish is a fifth generation native Arizonan. He was born and raised in Mesa and graduated from Arizona State University in 2006. He then went to Ohio State University for his dental education where he graduated top of his class. Afterwards Dr. Huish went on to further his dental education by studying in both New York City and Pittsburgh where he mastered advanced techniques in dental implants and dental sedation.
Kyle Huish

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