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Posted on September 9th, 2013 by

Dealing With Dry Mouth

Dealing With Dry Mouth

What just seems to be a part of our physiological system has more use than one can ever imagine. The importance of saliva cannot be disregarded when it comes to your oral health. It is not just for providing lubrication to your mouth, but helps much more than that.

How Saliva Production Helps Your Mouth

In addition to providing lubrication, saliva moistens and helps cleanse the mouth. It also helps to efficiently break down the food you eat into tiny bits, lubricates them and helps with digestion. In addition, it controls oral fungi and bacteria therefore preventing different forms of oral infection. With all these functions, when there is no saliva production it is a medical issue known as Xerostomia, or dry mouth. In common parlance it is a situation where the mouth remains dry and the risk of oral infection increass immensely.

How Does Dry Mouth Begin?

The dentists at Smile Today feel that Xerostomia, or dry mouth can be attributed to various factors. Excessive smoking, medical conditions, and after effects of drugs, infections or diseases can be a potent cause of the problem. Medical situations like Parkinson’s, oral cancer, diabetes, and hypertension can also be the cause of dry mouth and reduced saliva production.


When this problem starts the symptoms that are common are continuous feelings of thirst, a tingling and a burning sensation in the mouth. Dry and white tongue and sores in the oral region. Sans saliva and with a dry mouth, eating often causes abrasions in the mouth and the patient finds it difficult to swallow the broken down food. More often than not, it can become a chronic problem.


Smile Today prescribes treatment that can solve the problem in no time. The dentists feel that treatment is rather simple and can be done by adjusting the dosage of the medication. They also suggest oral rinse that help moisturize the oral zone. Medications are usually prescribed that help in the production of saliva and keep the mouth hydrated at all times. Special oral products are prescribed that can help solve the problem. Regular visits at Smile Today can help solve dry mouth and get you back to the pink of oral health completely.

Kyle Huish

Kyle Huish

Dr. Kyle Huish is a fifth generation native Arizonan. He was born and raised in Mesa and graduated from Arizona State University in 2006. He then went to Ohio State University for his dental education where he graduated top of his class. Afterwards Dr. Huish went on to further his dental education by studying in both New York City and Pittsburgh where he mastered advanced techniques in dental implants and dental sedation.
Kyle Huish

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