thermometer Arizona residents have always heard comments from friends and relatives who live elsewhere in the country that inevitably lead to the overused, “yeah, but it’s a dry heat…” If you’re new to the Gilbert area, or you want to be more informative next time someone asks how hot it gets, here’s some historic info on the temperature records in the Gilbert area.

The weather station at Williams Gateway Airport has records dating back to May of 1959. This particular station has recorded several high temperatures of 117 degrees during the months of June and July throughout the years. The record for the greater Phoenix area as a whole is 122 degrees, which was recorded in June of 1990. At that time, this station recorded a high of 120 degrees, which is Gilbert’s highest temperature ever recorded.

In case you were wondering, it has been cold here once or twice in the course of history (at least relatively speaking). Temperatures fell to 20 degrees Fahrenheit on the night of January 14th, 2007 for the record lowest overnight temperature.

While we may be over the hump as far as Summer of 2015 goes, we’re still in for warm weather for at least another couple months. Remember that if you’re headed outdoors, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. We’re also in the midst of monsoon season here in the Valley, which can make for a dazzling light show, but it also means driving conditions can become dangerous very quickly. For the record, the most rain the Valley ever received in a 24-hour period occurred last year during monsoon season when 4.26 inches of rain fell on September 8th. If you see running water in the road, don’t risk it.

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