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Advanced Control

Advanced Technology

Our goal at Smile Today is to provide the best diagnostic and dental care possible. We have considered the future of dentistry and use the latest technological advances which are available within the industry.

Digital Imaging

Advanced technology such as digital imaging allows us to quickly obtain diagnostic images of your mouth which can be easily stored and viewed immediately on a monitor in the examination room. Digital radiography reduces your exposure to radiation by offering immediate images so we know that we have obtained a proper image which can be enhanced to show more detail that would be unnoticeable using old radiography techniques. Our x-ray technique also provides immediate digital images which can be shared with our patients on a digital monitor.

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a tiny camera which can transmit images of even the smallest cavities to a monitor for real-time viewing to allow fast and precise diagnosis.

Our use of advanced technology guarantees that your experiences at our office will be pleasant for both you and your children.

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