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Posted on May 2nd, 2013 by

Say Bye-Bye to Cavities!

Say Bye-Bye to Cavities!

Along with a complete well-being, maintaining oral hygiene is very important. It is of vital importance to take care of your teeth so they are free from any form of bacterial attack and of course tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. These are the most commonly heard about dental problems complained about by the young and the old equally.

How Cavities Form

People are generally unaware of the causes of cavities. Cavities, or caries, are a well-known form of tooth decay. It starts due to the onset of bacteria in the oral region. If you are not in the habit of brushing your teeth after meals, the leftover food particles start accumulating. Over time teeth start to decay and bacteria starts eating away at the of the enamel of the tooth. The acids and other bacteria make things worse by the growth of infection and leads to the formation of decay and cavities.

Cavities can be very painful. If not attended to bacteria penetrates and affects the veins inside the teeth. The enamel completely erodes and the veins get exposed therefore making it extra painful and sensitive to touch. In addition to the fact, the sugar and acids from your food keep accumulating because you don’t stop eating! They also take the form of tarter and plaque and form a dirty coating around the teeth.

Treatments for Cavities

Dentists used medical sealants to fill up the gap caused by the cavity. In some cases fine metal powder is used which solidifies completely and fills up the gap. If the gap is deep enough and has affected the roots, the teeth could be removed, or a root canal performed before the gap is sealed.

Cavities are not an uncommon thing. However, to keep them at bay is in your hands. Brushing and flossing can be made to be a part of your daily life and will effectively help to keep cavities and germs at bay.

Kyle Huish

Kyle Huish

Dr. Kyle Huish is a fifth generation native Arizonan. He was born and raised in Mesa and graduated from Arizona State University in 2006. He then went to Ohio State University for his dental education where he graduated top of his class. Afterwards Dr. Huish went on to further his dental education by studying in both New York City and Pittsburgh where he mastered advanced techniques in dental implants and dental sedation.
Kyle Huish

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