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Some people find themselves in an unfortunate situation where they have lost many teeth because of the inability for repair. While many people choose to receive dental implants after complete tooth extractions, others choose to get dentures as a less expensive solution to tooth loss. Dentures are a great way to replace natural teeth which allows a patient to have time to decide if they would like to have dental implants installed.

How Dentures Work

When you decide that dentures are a good option for you, your dentist will scan the inside of your mouth with advanced 3D imaging to aid in the process of creating your dentures which will fit perfectly. Your teeth will then be extracted and temporary ones will be placed on your gums to allow you to eat while your gums and jawbone heal. Your permanent dentures will be created during the healing process and will be fabricated using a combination of plastics and porcelain. After you have healed, your permanent dentures will be inserted where the upper denture rests over your gums and covers the roof of your mouth, and the lower ones will simply rest over the gums.

Dentures eventually wear out over time and will likely need to be replaced to ensure that your jaw alignment remains the same. Routine cleaning of dentures and frequent inspections from your dentist are important to detect any complications or developing oral diseases. Talk to Smile Today about your options after tooth extractions and if dentures are right for you.

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