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Gum Disease Therapy

Gum Disease Therapy

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a serious bacterial infection of the gums which often goes undetected by people who don’t routinely visit a dentist. A clear sign of gum disease is bleeding gums while you brush your teeth, but severe cases can be extremely painful, often leading to bone destruction and tooth loss. The most common cause of periodontal disease is improper brushing and flossing habits which are essential to keeping the bacteria which compose plaque from infecting the gums. It is important to seek gum disease therapy at the first sign of periodontal disease.

What is Gum Disease Therapy?

Gum disease therapy has come a long way within the past decade and is beginning to move away from painful surgeries. Soft tissue lasers are the new advanced tool which offers effective treatment, and little or no pain during treatments. The soft tissue laser is carefully shined along the gum line and inside of the detached gum pockets to destroy diseased tissue, and disrupt the bacteria that causes the infection. This gum disease therapy often works within a few sessions, and leads to the detached gum tissue completely reattaching to the teeth.

More aggressive therapy methods may be necessary in extremely severe cases, but soft tissue lasers are quickly becoming a preferred therapy tool for periodontists. Make a point of practicing proper oral hygiene and regularly visiting your dentist to help you avoid periodontal disease.

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