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IV Sedation

IV Sedation

Among the several sedatives that Smile Today offers for our patients who need to be sedated, IV (intravenous) sedation is the most effective technique. IV sedation involves delivering an anti-anxiety medication directly into your bloodstream allowing deep sedation. IV sedation in dentistry should not be confused with general anesthesia which is used during surgeries; IV sedation allows the patient to remain conscious to communicate with the dentist during procedures.

What to Expect During IV Sedation

  • You will have a needle inserted into a vein on your hand or arm depending on where the sedation specialist finds appropriate.
  • An anti-anxiety medication will be administered directly into your blood stream to ensure that you are properly sedated.
  • You will quickly feel the effects of the sedative and find yourself experiencing deep relaxation and your anxiety will cease.
  • Consciousness will be retained, allowing you to communicate with your dentist.
  • Your condition and vital signs will be closely monitored to ensure that you are safe.

After the Procedure

It is common for patients to have no memory of the dental procedure after it has been completed, which often helps patients overcome their fear of future appointments. Make a point of finding a designated driver to pick you up after your appointment to ensure that you won’t put yourself and others in danger by you driving.

Talk to Dr. Huish about how you may benefit from IV sedation during long dental procedures.

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