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Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal

Nobody wants to have to go through a tooth removal, but it is an unfortunate situation that many people face each day. The most common reasons for needing to have a tooth removal include making space for orthodontic procedures, excessive decay, unrepairable damaged teeth, periodontal disease, or unresponsive root canals. Smile Today understands the devastating feeling that can come from the need for tooth removal, which is why we aim to offer permanent replacements upon a patient’s decision to do so.

Tooth Removal Procedure

Your dentist will inject an anesthetic which will numb your jawbone, gums, and tooth to ensure that you feel no pain during the procedure. The tooth will then be removed through a rocking motion or sectioning which involves cutting into smaller pieces to allow easier extraction.

After the Tooth Removal

Smile Today will give you a list of instructions, precautions, and solutions which you should follow carefully to achieve proper healing.

Replacement Teeth

Once bone tissue develops inside of the area where your tooth was, and the tissues have healed completely, you may choose to have a dental implant installed to restore your full chewing ability.

Talk to Smile Today about other available options from our services before you decide to have a tooth removed.

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