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Posted on June 12th, 2013 by

Silver vs White Fillings: What’s the Difference?

Silver vs White Fillings: What’s the Difference?

Tooth decay, or cavities, is a common problem faced by millions of people round the world. The majority of dental cases that go to a dentist are due to cavities and dental decay. And of course, the most common treatment – fillings.

There are different types of fillings. The choice of fillings range form silver alloy, gold or white composite resin. Each filling is different and has different properties.

The Comparison Between Traditional Silver vs White Fillings:

Silver Alloy

Silver alloy is a common filling. It is also known as “amalgam”. Typically this silver alloy filling is made of mercury and silver as well as small amounts of tin, nickel and copper. They are mixed in different percentages to form the silver alloy filling. Some dentists prefer silver alloy fillings as it is durable and lasts for years at a stretch. In addendum, it is personal choice. The down side of silver fillings is that esthetically they are not so attractive, as they do not blend with your natural teeth and the shiny metal color is visible. With that said, it has its downside as well as its reasons for popularity.

White Composite Resin

White composite resin is a more natural looking filling that blends perfectly with the teeth unlike the silver alloy fillings. With development in dental sciences, the colors are made to be exactly the same color as that of your teeth. In comparison to silver alloy, composite resin or the white filling is relatively costlier than silver alloy or any other form of filling due to the customization. White composite resin fillings are long lasting and lasts for almost 12 – 15 years.

Though fillings are a common procedure, it is important to connect with a dentist who is experienced. Before filling the cavity or the decay, the infected tooth needs to be scraped of the cavity thoroughly, so that a relapse does not happen. Once a filling is done, make sure to take good care of your teeth. Brush and floss your teeth at least at least twice a day after every major meal. Also be conscious of your diet and avoid excess sugar based food and drinks.

Kyle Huish

Kyle Huish

Dr. Kyle Huish is a fifth generation native Arizonan. He was born and raised in Mesa and graduated from Arizona State University in 2006. He then went to Ohio State University for his dental education where he graduated top of his class. Afterwards Dr. Huish went on to further his dental education by studying in both New York City and Pittsburgh where he mastered advanced techniques in dental implants and dental sedation.
Kyle Huish

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