An emergency dentist is the best help to ensure when the gums are severely or aimlessly bleeding. Often, they are a symptom of a severe issue such as gum infection. However, it depends upon the emergency dentist to take that decision and diagnose.

When to see an emergency dentist? Emergency dentists are general dentists who have taken additional training to address urgent dental issues or emergencies. Some of the more typical emergency issues are broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, abscesses, or bleeding gums.

What Causes Gum Bleeding?

Gum bleeding happens to anyone but to differing extents. You may notice that your gums bleed after flossing or brushing harshly. In a few, it may be because you are not brushing your teeth regularly, and they become sensitive, or you may have a deficiency of the vitamin.
Various things can cause gum bleeding and encourage you to visit the emergency dental office in Scottsdale. It allows the dentist to know which habit to avoid and what to do when an emergency happens.

Are Bleeding Gums A Big Issue?

Sometimes, the gums may bleed while brushing and flossing, which is normal. What is not is if the gums bleed every time you floss or brush. Also, it is very concerning if the gums bleed when there is no force or pressure used. Patients who undergo extreme or unexpected bleeding should visit an emergency dentist in Scottsdale to diagnose and treat it.

What Do Bleeding Gums Indicate?

Bleeding gums usually mean a severe dental condition such as gum disease or even cavities in the teeth. When the bleeding happens during flossing or brushing, the gums likely require better oral hygiene. However, consider the bleeding as chronic, extreme, or spontaneous. In that case, the patient probably has gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis. In some cases, bleeding gums may also signify an infection, cavity, or abscess.

What to Do in an Emergency

When you are in a dental emergency, and your gums are bleeding, you must first apply a cold compress. After a few minutes, the amount of blood will slow down, and you can get professional help. You can also control how much blood is coming out by applying more pressure on your gums. As you will undoubtedly want to stop this from occurring in the future, follow your dentist’s instructions or maintain proper dental hygiene.

Visit An Emergency Dentist For Bleeding Gums In Scottsdale

Never let gum bleeding go overlooked. It is better to be secure rather than apologetic. With the help of an emergency dentist in Tulsa, we can treat your bleeding gums. Contact us at our dental office in Scottsdale today if you want to know more about bleeding gums or other dental emergencies.

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