For centuries, the first day of April has been celebrated as the day to play jokes and pranks on loved ones or on the public at large. Every now and then, celebrities and familiar faces from the entertainment world get in on the action, or are targets of pranks, themselves. Here’s a look at some famous jokes played on famous people.

The Best April Fools Jokes Played on Celebrities

britney spears april fools joke about her ageHow old is Britney, really? Back when Britney Spears was a teen sensation, long before the pressures of fame got to her, she was the target of a joke on the Wall of Sound in 1999. In an article, Britney Spears was accused of being “Belinda Sue Spearson” of West Baton Rouge, and was actually 28 years old, not 17, her age at the time. As a result, Britney fans flooded her record label with phone calls, demanding to know her age and true identity.

Katie Couric takes a spill. Katie Couric got “Late Late Show” host James Corden really good. As Corden introduces guests, they come walking down a flight of stairs. When he calls out Couric’s name, the curtain flies back and Couric appears to go tumbling down the stairs. As the crowd goes quiet and Corden rushes to assist, the real Katie Couric appears at the top of the stairs, shouting “April Fool’s!” as the stuntwoman who tumbled down looks up.

Tom Brady beat down by Jordan. Tom Brady had Patriots fans worried when he posted a picture of himself on Facebook wearing a full body cast. The only explanation given for the injury is that he was in a a pickup basketball game in the Bahamas, writing, “Jordan’s crossover is no joke.”

Mario Lopez gets taken out by Deadpool. In an interview with “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, Lopez seems to upset Reynolds by asking pressing questions about the rating of the film. During the interview, the viewer sees Deadpool walk behind Lopez, grab a large box of some sort and take him out with it. The bit ends with a cheeky “April Fool’s!” voiceover.