Some Kid-Friendly Pediatric Dentistry Tips For Parents

Pediatric dentistry is crucial for even the most youthful of infants. A baby already has some primary baby teeth, in the jaw. These teeth can arrive as early as four months old. By the age of three, your child’s mouth will be full of baby teeth. Because tooth decay is the most common condition in childhood, brushing your infant’s teeth now is essential.

Preventing Tooth Decay

To help keep out tooth decay, parents must not give children sugary drinks. Even seemingly healthy beverages, like juice, can contain high levels of sugar. Breast milk, formula, and water are better drinks for infants to drink. Long exposure to these drinks usually causes tooth decay. It means that parents should try brushing an infant’s teeth after each meal in a day. There are a few other methods parents can contain tooth decay:

  • Avoid sharing saliva — babies can create tooth decay by bacteria getting passed on to the baby from the mother.
  • Sharing spoons is not adequate
  • Using plain pacifiers — Some parents dip pacifiers in honey or other sugar to make them more tempting for the baby. However, this lets the sugar sit against the teeth for a long period
  • Not putting the baby to bed with a milk bottle — A baby should never sleep with a milk bottle in the mouth. It causes the sugars of the milk to set on the teeth.

Oral Hygiene For Babies

Even when an infant’s teeth have not arrived parents can practice good oral hygiene. Parents should wipe babies’ mouths with a clean and moist pad after each feeding. If parents cannot brush their teeth after every meal, they must try at least twice a day. Using a toothbrush designed for kids is a better idea.

At our kid-friendly dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, we suggest using fluoride toothpaste is good for supporting the teeth to grow strong. But only apply toothpaste a little bit. That way, even if the infant ingests some of the toothpaste, they will not be consuming much. Once the baby has two touching teeth, parents can start flossing. Parents should continue to brush children’s teeth until the children can brush by themself pretty well.

One way that parents can make brushing more comfortable is by getting into a routine. When babies know when to expect a toothbrush, the process can be easier for everyone. Another method for babies to get them into a brushing practice is to make them do it with the entire family so that they learn it & as well as find it more enjoyable. Young children want to be included and this is the best way to do so. Finally, using toothbrushes or toothpaste for fun can help kids make brushing their teeth a fun activity.

Kid-Friendly Dentistry In Scottsdale Today

Good oral hygiene begins at home. However, it does not end there. Regularly visiting a kid-friendly pediatric dentist in Edinburg can help an infant’s teeth stay healthy. It can give your child a healthy & beautiful smile from the very beginning. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our dental office in Scottsdale, AZ.