Many have heard of Boxing Day, but few know what this day is and where it came from. That group drops off increasingly as you get to Americans, since boxing day isn’t really a holiday celebrated in America.

Boxing Day first originated in the 1800’s. The holiday is sited as gaining it’s origins when traders and servants would receive their christmas gifts (boxes). This was a chance for the service workers to collect Christmas boxes as rewards for their services throughout the year.

holiday tree with presentsBoxing Day is celebrated in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. Currently, in those countries, it is treated as a bank holiday and is a chance to relax after the holidays. In fact, if the holiday falls on a weekend day, it’ll be moved to the nearest weekday so workers get a day off.

Other ways to celebrate this day include shopping during all the Boxing Day sales. Much like the day after Thanksgiving, Boxing Day is an opportunity for stores to sell out of their Christmas products. They run huge, special sales that are only offered once a year. Usually these sales are so good, they cause people to line up in the streets several hours before. Recently, Boxing Day sales have caused people to line up even the day before. That’s dedication for the deal!

Whether or not you celebrate Boxing Day in your family, everyone at Smile Today hopes you all have a fantastic holiday season!

Happy Holidays!