Many questions come up in your mind as soon as you have to visit our dentist. Asking these questions may give you a sense of relief & understanding about dental procedures. It is always a good practice to ask questions to the dentist & it is the responsibility of a dentist to answer all your queries with patience. Here are some of the common questions dental patients ask.

Common Questions Dental Patients Asks

1. How Often I Should Visit A Dentist?

A few additional ideas are churning around out there about how often you need to visit your dentist in Scottsdale. Most people should visit their dentist for a regular dental hygiene checkup visit twice a year, or once every six months. If you have a gum infection or a history of periodontal disease, your Scottsdale dentist may suggest more frequent visits. Another reason you may require to see the dentist more often is if you are getting orthodontic treatment. The bottom line is that you should at least see the dentist twice a year, and you must comply if recommended, that you make those visits more routine.

2. How Safe Is Dental X-Ray?

Dental x-rays are extremely safe. The amount of radiation that a dental x-ray delivers is about the same as you receive from a cross-country airplane ride. Radiation is measured in millirems, and one dental x-ray has only 0.5 millirems, which is absolutely fine for our body.

3. What Is A Dental Cavity?

We all know that cavities are bad for your oral health, but a surprising amount of people don’t know what cavities are & how cavities can harm them. A cavity is merely a small hole in the tooth that grows as a result of tooth decay. In other words, decay eats away at the tooth and results in a void space that disrupts the tooth structure. It’s essential to get cavities fixed because they continue to grow more extensively with time.

4. How Long Will The Dental Restoration Last?

A common misconception is that dental restoration last forever, but, this is not true. With time dental restorations may break down or become loose, letting decay penetrate the area around the restoration and become troublesome. Although you can’t envision your fillings, bridges, and crowns lasting forever, you can do a few things to make them last as long as possible. Maintain a better oral hygiene practice for healthy teeth and visit your dentist in Scottsdale to keep those restorations in better condition for as long as possible.

5. How Can I Get White Teeth? 

Patients ask us about whitening their teeth almost all the time. It’s a difficult question because there is no universal solution that applies to everyone. The quickest and most compelling way to whiten teeth is generally an in-office professional teeth whitening procedure. However, relying on how surprising you need your results to be, you may not need this type of procedure. Our best advice is to speak with your dentist in Scottsdale or dental hygienist about what type of teeth whitening they would suggest. The best results are still going to be a result of professional treatment, but our Scottsdale dentist can help you decide which treatment is suitable for you.

Ask Your Dental Question To The Dentist In Scottsdale

Many patients come to our Scottsdale dental office for a routine dental checkup & most of them are about enhancing their smile, straightening their crooked teeth, & restoring their bite issues. If you have any other questions & want to ask a professional dental hygienist or dentist? Visit our dental website for more information, or feel free to schedule your appointment to meet one of our best dentists.