You can prepare yourself to see an emergency dentist by keeping your mouth clean by rinsing with salt water, controlling the bleeding, and taking everything you need with you to the dental office. This guide provides you with all of the necessary measures to take before your visit to see an emergency dentist.

How to Ensure Your Emergency Dentist Visit Goes Nicely

You can ensure your emergency dental visit goes well through planning. While, of course, it is easy to forget a lot in the chaotic point of a dental emergency, taking a deep breath and taking things one step at a time can benefit. The most essential thing to do is remain calm to the best of your knowledge.

Keep the Mouth Clean With a Saltwater Rinse

Whether the dental emergency is the result of a blow to the face that causes excessive bleeding or oral infection, it is crucial to keep the mouth clean. It can be achieved by using a saltwater rinse to kill bacteria inside the mouth. Be certain to avoid anything that may irritate the impacted area, such as hot or cold beverages.

Control the Bleeding the Best You Can

Bleeding often happens after dental trauma, such as after a knocked-out tooth. It is critical to prevent the bleeding to the best of your capability. Consider using gauze and keep pressure on the source of the bleeding until reaching the emergency dental office in Scottsdale. If there is extreme bleeding to the point where it is becoming a threat to life, then it is best to visit the emergency room (ER) sooner than visit an emergency dentist.

Bring a Close Friend or Family Member 

In many cases, emergency dental treatment is somewhat intrusive, so most patients may need a ride home after their treatment, especially if sedation dentistry got used. More significantly, patients in pain should not drive themselves to visit an emergency dentist. Rather, call a friend or family member to drive or take them to visit an emergency dentist. This provides the safety of the patient as well as lets the patient prioritize keeping their mouth clean and any prosthetics or teeth that were knocked out of the mouth.

Preserve any Knocked-out Teeth, Crowns, Fillings, etc.

One of the most common reasons for a dental emergency is dental trauma. It could be a knocked-out tooth, a tooth that is displaced from, a lost filling or crown, jaw, and gum injuries. If a tooth, crown, or filling gets knocked out of the mouth, then be sure to keep it clean while running to the emergency dentist. It helps ensure the dentist can reapply or reposition the tooth, crown, or filling instead of replacing it. 

Call Us & Let Us Know of Your Dental Emergency

If you have a dental emergency that needs care, directly reach out to us today and notify us of your situation. We can help you get the necessary emergency dental care you need at our dental office in Scottsdale. Contact us to book your dental appointment.