Most dental procedures get planned and based on appointments. However, there are precise cases where urgent dental treatment is needed. For instance, if your loved one has unlimited bleeding due to an oral injury, this constitutes an emergency, and it should be treated straight away. Dentists who provide immediate dental care in the case of any severe or life-threatening dental conditions are called the emergency dentist. Unfortunately, many people do not comprehend a dental emergency and when to visit an emergency dentist in Scottsdale. If you are also thinking about what an emergency dentist does? Continue reading to discover out more about emergency dentistry. 

What Does an Emergency Dentist Do?

An emergency dentist is a dental professional who, in addition to being a dentist, gets further specialization and training to treat dental issues and injuries that may be life-threatening and need prompt treatment. While dentists from other fortes only offer their assistance during business hours, our emergency dentist in Scottsdale is available round the clock to help patients. Dial our emergency numbers +1.480.750.0963 to ask for an urgent appointment when you need prompt assistance. 

What is Considered a Dental Emergency & What Is Not?

Any situation that is life-threatening or rendering so much that over-the-counter medicine can’t ease, if not treated instantly, is a dental emergency. For instance, dental situations involving heavy bleeding, severe infections, and excessive pain are dental emergencies. But, cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges do not fall into the category of a dental emergency. Hence, they are not deemed as a dental emergency that needs immediate help. 

Common Emergencies an Emergency Dentist Can Handle

Some common dental emergencies contain, but are not limited to the following:

  • Excessive bleeding because you met with an accident or trauma 
  • A dental condition that extends to other body parts 
  • Soft tissues get inflamed wrapping an affected tooth
  • Clot dislodgement & tooth extraction
  • Broken or chipped teeth that drive pain 
  • Knocked-out teeth 
  • Dislodged filling or crown 
  • Food stuck between two teeth 
  • A dislodged orthodontic wire that touches on oral soft tissues especially the cheek
  • Dislocated or fractured jaw
  • Severe toothache that is not alleviated with over-the-counter drug
  • Tooth decay that drives tooth sensitivity

What do People Believe is a Dental Emergency But It Is Not?

A displaced orthodontic bracket may appear like a condition that requires urgent treatment. However, it is not. A displaced bracket can slightly hinder your orthodontic treatment, but it is not something you should be seriously worried about. Until & unless you accidentally consume the bracket. For instance, you have a severe toothache, bleeding gums, swollen gums that over-the-counter medicine could not fix, these are all dental emergency that needs immediate attention.

Emergency Dentist In Scottsdale 

A dental emergency can happen at any time & anywhere with anyone, you need to just relax & call an emergency dentist to assist you. In case of severe dental issues, you must visit a dental office near you as soon as you can. If you or your family urgently need an emergency dentist in Scottsdale, contact us today.