Dental Filling: 5 Reasons To Get It

Dental fillings have been used for many years. These awesome little oral health support have saved many teeth. Most people think the only reason to get a dental filling is to fill the space left after a cavity got drilled. Though filling a cavity is the top reason for a dental filling, there are some other reasons worth mentioning.

Why Dental Fillings Are Important?

1. Cavities Require Prompt Dental Fillings

Only a dentist will be capable of telling if you have a cavity that needs drilling and a successive dental filling. If you have tooth decay that drives cavity formation, your Scottsdale dentist will dig out the impacted area of the tooth and put a filling. This filling can last between five years and maybe for a couple of decades.

2. Small Holes in Teeth Get Benefit From Dental Fillings

Some patient has tiny holes in one or several teeth for which a dental filling is the best treatment. These holes may not be cavities. Such holes may not cause any type of discomfort still they should be filled. If these little holes in teeth do not get filled promptly, there is the possibility of the collection of food particles and bacteria that will naturally cause tooth decay. Also, these holes may increase unless they get filled as soon as possible.

3. A Fractured Tooth Requires a Filling

In some cases, a fractured tooth can be treated with a white composite filling. There are so many benefits of dental fillings for fractured. Teeth fracture for different reasons. Some fractures are due to physical contact happening during sporting events. A slip or fall, while playing or indulging in some physical activity can also result in a tooth fracture. Chewing on hard food can also lead to a tooth fracture. Even the aging procedure can lead to a fractured tooth. Therefore, you should always wear a mouthguard while participating in sports to protect your teeth from getting injured.

4. Fillings for Discolored Teeth

Some dentists use fillings for teeth that became discolored because of the excess consumption of wine, coffee, candy, and other acidic foods and drinks. Even teeth grinding and using teeth to open packages can cause teeth to get yellow over time. If you have discolored teeth, ask your dentist in Scottsdale about the option of using a dental filling.

5. Dental Fillings Help Lost Tooth Structure

There are different types of dental fillings, so you can have a tooth filled if it gets injured or if the structure is in danger. If most of the tooth structure starts to get lost over time, it gets necessary to apply a dental filling for better support and look of the mouth.

Dental Filling In Scottsdale

A dental filling can undoubtedly save your smile with its easy & not involving pain procedure. If now, you are satisfied and understand how dental filling can save your smile feel free to contact us to schedule your next dental visit at our dental office in Scottsdale. Our dental expert can 100% save your teeth using a dental filling procedure.