If you have been diagnosed with a latex allergy, then you know the kinds of precautions you must take to avoid contact. However, seeing the dentist regularly is vital to your oral health. If you are latex-sensitive, it’s important to let your Phoenix dentist know ahead of time so that the dentist and assistants can take the proper precautions to ensure that you don’t come in contact.

Most common among health care workers, spina bifida patients and those who have had frequent surgical procedures, latex allergies affect about 3 million people in the US. If you are among the 3 million people who have a sensitivity to latex, your dentist can make sure you’re protected by taking the following steps:

  • Making sure you’re the first patient of the day
  • Allowing no direct contact with latex for anyone in the exam room.
  • Making sure that the latex in the room is ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable);
  • covering any latex in the room that isn’t removable.
  • making sure all personnel setting up the room wear non-latex gloves;
  • making sure all instruments and lab work are handled with non-latex gloves
  • instruments must be handled only with non-latex gloves;
  • lab work must be handled with non-latex gloves and thoroughly rinsed before placement

As a patient, it’s important to always wear your medical alert identification. This ensures that any emergency workers know of your allergy. It’s also important to keep allergy medication close at hand, including epi’s.

Your oral health and your overall health is important to your dentist. If you have a latex allergy, call your Arizona dentist at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. We have a protocol in place to ensure that your visit is latex-free and will also make a note of your allergy in your medical record. If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, but you’re due for a checkup, give us a call today!