coloring book flowerRemember walking into class after drinking a satisfying Capri-Sun and downing a lunchable with your friends? Sitting down with a pack of Crayola in your hands and coloring book was the best way to explore your creativity and have some fun with your friends. Well, it turns out that coloring books are no longer just for kids. While they may seem like fun distractions, studies have shown that adult coloring book could be an alternative to meditation for some.

If you take a look at Amazon’s bestseller list you will find that many of the top books being shipped from the online retailer are adult coloring books. The kindergarten pastime has picked up steam as a simple way for adults to express themselves and blow off steam.

While on surface the product provides some simple, easy-to-do fun, some psychologists have suggested that the act of coloring brings adults back to a simpler time in their youth. This nostalgia evokes the days of when napping was your full time job and your biggest concern was whether or not you’d get ants on a log for a snack!

It’s no surprise that these products have struck a chord with millennials who tend to hold a nostalgic view of their past.

However, if you are thinking these coloring books are just like the ones from your childhood, filled with superheroes and disney characters, then you might want to think again. Adult coloring books cover a wide variety of topics. Here are some cool ones that we found scouring Amazon to help you relax and a be a little creative!

Adult Coloring Book

The most popular adult coloring book on Amazon is filled with trendy mandalas, flowers and paisley patterns.

Dinosaurs with Jobs

What would happen if history’s greatest beasts got mediocre day jobs?

Outside the Lines

A fun artsy coloring book for fans of Urban Outfitters.