“They are friendly from the moment you walk in. The dentist and any other employee answered my questions, helped me relax if I was nervous, made a PERSONAL CONNECTION, which everyone knows that is very important! And what I loved the most is that they showed me not just x-rays but pictures of what’s going on in my mouth and explained the treatment they would be performing.”

Discovering you have a cavity is a bummer, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We see them every day!

At Smile Today, our team works hard to make treatment as simple, convenient, and pleasant as possible. Plus, the earlier you visit for a filling, the more likely you’ll be to avoid a potential emergency later.  

Call to schedule a short appointment at one of our three conveniently located offices and get your tooth back in tiptop shape.

Dentist Fillings Service Clinic

It’s always better to fix a tooth before it gets complicated. Schedule an appointment with the Smile Today team today so you can take care of your cavity and avoid a bigger issue later.