5 Situations Where You Will Need Emergency Dental Care

Some oral issues require emergency dental care. Waiting a few weeks before visiting a dentist is not the ideal thing to do in dental emergencies. Besides the unbearable pain that a patient will have to suffer if he or she decides to skip dental emergency care that needs prompt assistance. It will lead to making the situation even worse.

When Emergency Dental Care Is Needed

Emergency dental care tends to be more costly than scheduling a regular dental appointment, so it is only fair that people are reluctant to visit an emergency dentist when they are not sure how serious the problem is. To make things easier for them, here are 5 situations where the services of an emergency dentist are required.

1. Persistent Toothaches 

All toothaches are not the same. Some can be efficiently handled with over-the-counter medicine and pain relievers, while others will leave a person incapable of focusing throughout the day and sleepless at night. When a person undergoes sharp, constant toothaches that refuse to go away, that is generally a sign of a more intense dental issue that needs prompt treatment. This pain can be caused by a sensitive tooth, infection, or fractured tooth.

2. Damaged Tooth

Chipped, fractured, or damaged teeth frequently lead to other difficulties when not handled promptly. It will resume growing until it reaches the pulp chamber. Once this happens, the nerve and pulp inside the chamber become exposed & cause irritation in the mouth. That is a procedure for tooth decay and infections that eventually leads to the total loss of the tooth.

3. Severe Bleeding Of The Gum

Bleeding gums is never good. It can mean gum disease and infection in your mouth. Infections are comparatively easy to treat in the early stages, but, once it begins to spread in other areas of the mouth, managing them becomes challenging. The same goes for gum disease. The early steps are completely reversible, but that is not the case once it grows to become periodontal disease.

4. Lost Dental Prosthetics

Patients with dental prosthetics like crowns, veneers, or fillings need to seek a dentist instantly when something goes wrong. It is easy to impair these prosthetics when they are in the mouth, but dentists can restore them with comfort when something is wrong. Quickly taking the impaired prosthetic to a dentist also allows patients to regain their smiles immediately.

5. Tooth Loss Due To Trauma

When a person loses a tooth while playing sports or is met with an accident, an emergency dental care visit is crucial. There is still the possibility that the injury harmed the surrounding gum tissue and nerves can lead to some consequential difficulties. Also, a dentist can reattach a tooth that got knocked out if the tooth is kept in saliva or milk and taken directly to the dentist. 

Emergency Dental Care In Scottsdale, AZ

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