Dr. Albert Crusco

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Dr. Albert Crusco Completed his Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University. Dr. Crusco then went on to complete his Doctor of Dentistry from Marquette University. Dr. Crusco has a strong passion for Dentistry and looks forward to getting to know the community.

Dr. Crusco’s is very grateful to his mother for encouraging him to become a dentist. At a young age his mother would tell him “Someday you will make a great dentist.” He says his love and passion for dentistry is owed to her. He is looking forward to providing patients with the dental care they need so they can be healthy and smile to the world with confidence.

Dr. Crusco enjoys creating strong relationships with his patients, he enjoys getting to know them and exchanging stories. Dr. Crusco hopes he can bond with people in the community outside of the office. He hopes to meet new people playing tennis at Paseo racquet center, maybe out on a hike at North Mountain and maybe even join a cycling group.

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