girl worried about dentistIt’s safe to say most people do not enjoy the dentist. It can be seen as a chore that is not fun for most. However, some people have a deep fear of the dentist. For some, going to the dentist is the anxiety equivalent of public speaking for the average person.

While going to the dentist may evoke the scariest fears, there are ways to cope with this anxiety, so that your dental routine doesn’t suffer.


Let your dentist know: Let your dentist know when you make the appointment that you have dental anxiety. Then, remind him when you arrive for your appointment. Doing so will give him a heads up about how you feel about the appointment. This knowledge will allow your dentist to offer you solutions to help ease your anxiety. Some of these solutions may include: nitrous oxcide, sedation dentistry, walking through the procedure, playing music, and more.

Maintain your regular dental routine: Going to the dentist regularly will prevent the need for the bigger, scarier procedures. If you maintain your oral care routine at home and keep up with your cleanings, preventative dentistry will take you far in terms of not needing bigger procedures such as fillings, root canals, or extractions.

Find a dentist you like: If you have a dentist that you get along with and enjoy going to, it won’t be such a taxing task to attend your appointments. When you are having anxiety about your appointment, it is vital you have a dentist that is going to make you feel less on-edge about being there. It is important to have a dentist you can talk to about your anxiety so he can help you feel more comfortable.

Read up on information about procedures before the appointment: If you are one of those people who feel more at ease when they know every step of what they are about to undergo, this is a great practice. Reading up on the procedure will help you know what is soon to come during the procedure. It will also help you see that plenty of people go through the same things as you: both the anxiety and the procedures. This will help you see that if they made it out okay, you will too. However, this is a bad idea if hearing all of the dental information will just increase your anxiety. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

These are just a few of the tips you can follow to help ease your dental anxiety. There is countless literature on this subject. With any form of anxiety, there is no catchall or cures for everyone. Try out different methods and tips to see what helps you best with your dental anxiety. Our office is especially prepared for this, and our friendly staff can help you get through your appointment with ease. Call us today to talk about our many accommodations.