Having orthodontic treatment such as braces can change the way we feel about ourselves and our smile, but did you know that your orthodontist can also improve your facial symmetry?

Not only do braces straighten your teeth, but they sometimes change the overall appearance of your face. Asymmetry often starts at the mouth, and braces work to correct the overall symmetry of your face. Below are common problems that orthodontics can fix:


Under bites cause the chin to protrude out and make its overall appearance bigger. Fixing the jaw will make the chin look more natural and in place while softening the overall facial appearance.

Open Bite

person with braces to protect facial symmetryAn open bite makes the mouth appear stretched and in some cases it prevents the mouth from closing completely. This is especially noticeable from the profile because it causes the upper lip to stick out. Braces will align the mouth and give the face an overall more natural look.


Overbites usually cause the upper lip to stick out while making the cheeks appear sunken in. Orthodontic treatments allow the teeth and jaw to fit together correctly and create symmetry throughout the lower portion of the face.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can throw off the alignment of your mouth, cause your lips to protrude and even make some people hesitant to smile. Braces will correct the spacing and alignment of your teeth and make you confident enough to show of you smile all the time.

While braces lead to a more confidence and facial symmetry, they also lead to healthier teeth. Straightening the teeth makes them easier to clean effectively and in the long run help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath and more.

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