Even if you’re overdue for a whitening treatment, you can still make your pearly whites at least appear a little extra pearly. This is especially useful when you’ve got a date or a big interview soon, and you want your words and your smile to shine. Here are some lipstick tips from the pros on how to give your smile a little extra dazzle.

Go for the blue-based reds
This is directly from the color wheel. Blue and orange/yellow are across from each other, so blue tones in your lipstick will cancel out any yellow on your teeth when juxtaposed together. MAC’s “Ruby Woo” is a longtime favorite thanks to it’s blue base. It’s like an instant whitening treatment in a lipstick.

Go for the true reds
Copious amounts of true red on your lips brightens your smile up to two shades. If you have darker skin, going for a burgundy will give you a rich color and a great contrast to your smile.

When going pink, berry’s the best
Whether you’re sporting a light raspberry or a deep plum, the blue tones in these pinks do wonders for the brightness of your smile. Berry tones are far more forgiving of slightly yellow teeth than the oranges and browns and are a nice neutral when you’re not feeling the bold red. Mauve, which also boosts the whiteness of your smile, is also more subtle and wearable year round.

Give your lips a little highlight
If you use a lip liner and gloss around the lips, you’ll get a fuller look to your lips and a bit more brightness to your teeth. Also, the more your lips shimmer, the more your teeth will seem to do the same. Glossy shades can help turn up the volume on your smile.

Avoid oranges and browns
These were a 90’s trend that should probably stay in the 90’s. Brown, yellow and orange hues on your lips will also bring out those same hues on your teeth. If you’re insistent upon this look, you’re better off sticking to a dark berry. The closer your lip shade is to the subtle yellows on your teeth, the more apparent they’ll become.